Packaging & Customized Services



You need your products and materials to arrive at their destination in perfect condition. If they’re damaged, your company profits are negatively affected and you have to re-send materials, a frustrating and costly process. eFive offers a range of packaging and customized services to ensure your goods are protected and reach their destination safely and securely. We use the sturdiest materials and take extra care to make sure your vital goods are ready to arrive in the same prime condition in which they were sent.

Because we work as a complete packaging centre, we offer a number of helpful services that will make your job easier. We can take inventory, weigh, package and repackage your materials and even provide pick and pack services to make sure your end-user receives the exact goods they need and your professional organization gives the right impression every time.

Our packaging services include:

  • Product Weighing
  • Product Inspection and Packaging
  • Custom Export Crating
  • Pick and Pack Services

Customized Services

We also provide a range of customized services to help you solve unique transportation and logistics challenges. Because not every issue you have to deal with fits into a pre-defined process, eFive offers the flexibility needed to come up with a solution.

Our clients have come to expect that when they bring us their transport and logistics problems, we’ll solve them.

Next time you’re wondering how you’re going to get the job done or deal with an unconventional issue in your business, just ask eFive. We’ll find a way to fix your problem and help you focus on what’s important – your defined business responsibilities.