About Us

About EFive

eFive was founded 10 years ago when we saw there was no flexibility in the transportation and warehousing marketplace. Each customer has different needs but were being forced into the exact same process. This hurt business because companies ended up paying for services they didn’t need and caused unnecessary headaches for those that required streamlined and customized services.

We think differently. eFive adapts to your needs instead of making your business adapt to ours. That’s what makes us the first choice of so many organizations around the world. No matter what transportation, warehousing or logistical service you need to drive your business goals, we’ll find a way to make it work.

We provide all of the solutions you’d expect from a top company in our business, but it’s the extras we provide that make us a valued and indispensible partner to our clients.

eFive is ready to find a perfect solution to match your company’s unique requirements.